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In 2012 WG established its Shipping Agency Division after studing  the market and assessing the capabilities of the shipping agencies  in KSA.
WG shipping agency acts as a local representative of the  international shipping principals by providing local knowledge and  expertise, ensuring that the principal’s requirements are met with  a utmost efficiency for the timely dispatch of vessels.
The agency division is fully conversant with all the appropriate  regulations and requirements relating to the ports, areas or sectors  in which WG operates in and meet the level of service and support  the principal’s needs.

West Group currently has 4 operational Branches :

  • Jeddah Islamic Port Branch
  • Jubail Commercial Port Branch
  • King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam
  • King Abdullah Port in King Abdullah City .

Ships  Supply  Division (Chandelling) & Ports works :
Ships Supply Division (Chandelling) was established at the same time with Shipping Agency Division. The division supplies ships with food,  water, fuel, oil, spare parts as well as all other supplies required by the vessels.

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